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      Saturday, November 26, 2005
<div id="75306_kdub1">Moving up the ladder</div> - Break of Information Overload

Chern Jie

Moving up the ladder

Break of Information Overload

I've just learnt recently that there are real people reading this "spam" site of mine. I didn't think that any of the entries here appeal to anyone since it's not meant for human. Then again, I've underestimated another of my brilliant ideas, to create confusion as I turn out to be the one confused.

A blog is, up until now serves as an alternative character that how the blogger wants others to perceive them as. You'll learn almost immediately sometimes the blogger isn't always what he or she is like on his or her blog.

BlogDrive has not been working properly lately, over the past few months when other blogging services have moved up the ladder, introducing new and exciting interactive features, BlogDrive have only made it's users feel unwanted and useless. Wordpress, Blogger, MovableType and many others have begun to outshine BlogDrive. Especially Blogger, who was owned by Google not too long ago have been rolling out new features and even went to the extend of integrating other products into it's service. Such as Picaso.

Advertising. There have been an increase in advertising all over BlogDrive. One of the most annoying online advertising you want to see is Popups, which appears everytime you surf to a 404 page, aka non-existing page. Then there's the half-naked ads, the smiley ads that many so despice.

Categorising and Listing of recent post is still a feature that's yet to come. I've been waiting too long for it but apparently it will never be released.

So, I'm moving up the ladder to blogger, where all the cool new features are. Byebye BlogDrive.

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      Wednesday, November 16, 2005
<div id="35177_kdub1">The power of influence</div> - Break of Information Overload

Chern Jie

The power of influence

Powerful people find deep satisfaction in seeing the positive outcome of their actions.
But I think they are even more pleased by seeing their actions amplified by others.
That's what makes them powerful: their reach exceeds their direct influence.
When you are inspired to do what your reference did for you, I assure you that makes him feel more powerful.
Learn to repay the kindness by committing to pass the kindness on.
That's a gift that can't be bought -- only given.

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