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      Saturday, April 30, 2005
<div id="90983_kdub1">Do you love Donald Trump?</div> - Break of Information Overload

Chern Jie

Do you love Donald Trump?

why we like him?
Not like him, we love him. He is funny, smart, and unlike seemingly every other billionaire in the world, he lives the privileged life that we can only dream of.

why is he famous?    
Donald Trump is a billionaire real estate developer that has amassed a fortune through owning key New York properties (i.e. Trump Towers), and Atlantic City casinos (i.e. Taj Mahal). He has gained fame for his flamboyant deals, his run for President, and his supermodel love interests

Reference: - Donald Trump

DONALD TRUMP has been styling young men and women's careers for some time with The Apprentice reality show and now he is moving into their wardrobes. Soon to hit US clothes rails is the Trump Signature Collection, a line of men's suits, coats, slacks and, possibly, golfing gear, that will carry the Trump family crest. "This will be high end menswear," he told Newsweek. "We already have tremendous interest." Trumps first foray into fashion was the idea of Sheldon Brody, chairman of Marcraft Clothes, who was inspired when he saw the mogul telling hopeful Apprentices that they needed to dress the part if they wanted to make it in the business world. "He specifically told all the men, 'Before you even think of coming to my office, you have to wear the correct business attire," Brody told New York's Daily News. "Trump is really a brand name. [He] is an icon for the 19 to 38-year-old person who is either starting a business career or who is aspiring to be successful." Brody, whose company has manufactured clothes for Russell Simmons' Phat Farm line, said Trump will have a major input in the design of the clothes. Priced at $575 - a fraction of the cost of the billionaire's preferred Brioni label, the suits will be his preferred three-button, side vented style.

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      Thursday, April 28, 2005
<div id="94346_kdub1">Blast Radius: A World of Pain</div> - Break of Information Overload

Chern Jie

Blast Radius: A World of Pain

Professor Jasper Rine lectures at UC Berkeley. Recently his laptop was stolen by a thief who was after exam data. Unfortunately for the thief, Professor Rine had some important stuff on that laptop.

The webcast of last Friday's Biology 1A lecture gets very interesting at timecode 48:50. I've transcribed Prof Rine's comments here, so you can see what a world of shit the thief is in:

Reference: Blast Radius: A World of Pain
Damn, this sends chills down my bones. I can't sleep now.

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