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      Tuesday, May 31, 2005
<div id="84245_kdub1">Donald Trump Signature Collection Suits</div> - Break of Information Overload

Chern Jie

Donald Trump Signature Collection Suits

Refering to my previous post of the Donald Trump signature suit. It appears that this dude is selling big bucks with his suits. A high number of searches ended on this blog due to the high demand in Donald Trump's Signature Collection Suits. Certainly, The Apprentice does a good job in publicity. (Now I want one too)

I haven't get to watch the latest "Apprentice" due to limitation to the big black box. And assignments are piling up telling me to work work work. I did a little more search for the suits prices, and found out these that might be more relevant to what you want:

Do you wanna dress like The Donald? - Donald Trump wants you to dress for success. So, in other words, dress just like him.
Trump: You're Hired! (To Help Guys Look Just Like Me) - Can't get enough of Donald Trump? Soon you may be able to wear him. Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, the Donald hopes to further cash in on the success of his reality show, "The Apprentice," by lending his name to a line of high-end men's clothing, NEWSWEEK has learned.
What Does Donald Trump Really Want? - The girl and the car, obviously. Respect, maybe. And he could definitely use a mortgage—soon. Whatever he's after, he's his own worst enemy.

There you do, this shall set things straight. More post of Donal Trump coming up.

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      Monday, May 30, 2005
<div id="72825_kdub1">Advance Adsense Stats Analysing</div> - Break of Information Overload

Chern Jie

Advance Adsense Stats Analysing

E : Earning
C : Amount of Clicks
PM : Page Impressions
UV : Unique Visitors
TV : Total Visitors

Earnings per Click:
... Eq. (1)
EPC = E / C

Click through Rate:
... Eq. (2)
CTR = ( C / PM ) * 100%

Performance of your ads is the product of EPC and CTR:
... Eq. (3)
(10) * EPC * CTR = CPM
where 10 = 1000 page impression / 100%

Cost per 1000 Page Impression:
... Eq. (4)
CPM = ( E / PM ) * 1000

To measure how well your site benefits from Adsense, other parameters (UV and TV) will need to be considered. We'll need more data than those provided by Google. By introducing Unique Visitors (UV) and Total Visitors (TV), which you should manually implement a seperate tracking system.

Ads/Page Impression seen per visitor:
... Eq. (5)

Using the same method above such as equation (2), (3), (4). We can deduce (on average) how much each unique visitor benefit us.

Earning per 1000 Unique Visitor:
... Eq. (6)
E / UV (*1000) = CPM * APV

E/UV is a good way to:
- measure how suitable your site is with Adsense. (useful if used to compare results across different sites)
- measure the quality of your site with respect to EPC, since CPM is the product of EPC and CTR.
- gives a good "idea" of how "demanding" your site contents are.

Clicks per Unique Visitors:
... Eq. (7)
C / UV (*100%) = CTR * APV

C/UV is helpful in:
- learning what percentage of visitors are likely to click on your ads.
- measurement of how well are the placement of ads on your site. (compare this everytime you change your ads positions)
- setting a goal or target to the amount of traffic your site require to obtain your target earning amount. And using this as a guide to in your marketing tasks.

Errors/Failures Calculations (assume n-number of ads per page):
... Eq. (8)
TV ≈ 1/n * PM
where, dissimilarity exist due to visitor errors such as Adsense Filters, JavaScript Disabled, bad connections or failed-page loading. (this can prove useful as a form of method to measure how often your adsense works)

All these calculations requires data collection over a period of time. You should compare different sets of data to better understand your Adsense Performance.

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